8 Ways to Fight Burnout on IT Teams

Is your team’s morale and well-being at risk?

IT leaders share strategies for watching out for the troops – in an era of ever-increasing demands

The IT organization has evolved from a back-office department quietly toiling behind the scenes to the department getting requests from every corner of the organization. While the era of digital transformation has been good for technology’s strategic standing, the ever-increasing burdens can have serious repercussions on IT staff.

Workplace weariness costs businesses more than $300 billion a year in terms of absenteeism, employee turnover, reduced productivity, increased health and legal costs, and related issues, according to the American Institute of Stress. Within the IT group, fatigue can quickly erode morale, culture, and outcomes.

In fact, says Conal Thompson, CTO of Monster, mitigating the risk of burnout among individuals and teams is one of the most important tasks for technology leaders today. “Sincere and committed employees will strive to give you their best, even when they are exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally,” Thompson says. “It’s critical to keep an eye out for the signs in your employees, as well as for yourself.”

CIOs can take action to better manage burnout levels in the organization. Consider these eight best practices, shared with us by CIOs, CTOs, and other experts:

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