Transform Your Business with Microsoft CSP

As a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, we work directly with Microsoft and specialize in the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft Software Solutions. We are dedicated to assisting your business in reaching your goals as you grow and adapt to ever-changing industry needs.

The Benefits of a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP Partner

Working with a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP partner means you’re uniting with a technology expert that has taken the necessary steps to establish and prove years of experience and capabilities according to Microsoft standards. Essentially, STS is verified by Microsoft as a substantiated partner who can deliver you the quality of service that Microsoft demands of itself. It also means that we have a direct line to Microsoft – so when new advances come down the pipeline or problems need to be resolved; we aren’t waiting on a middleman to handle them.

STS Microsoft CSP benefits:

  • Increase your productivity with your cloud and IT services working together with one technology expert overseeing it all
  • Remove any overlapping services and ensure you are leveraging the right Microsoft 365 licensing models
  • Boost your efficiency with technology personalized to your business model, integrated seamlessly with easy-to-understand instructions
  • Maintain control of the technical aspects you want to control, while handing off the management of what you don’t
  • Get 24/7 support with practical administration and censoring to reduce downtime and delays

The best part? You gain access to the power and scalability of the Cloud, while still getting the customized, personal service from a highly experienced IT specialist who will take one-on-one time to support your business in order for you to succeed.

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