Leveraging Technology To Solve Business Problems

Need Better Service?

STS is a service company. We take response time and follow up seriously. We've built our organization on systems to deliver fast answers and resolutions.

Worried about Security?

Securing your data and network are critical. STS looks ahead to see threats coming and protect our clients from attack. Criminals are working overtime to hit your systems. STS is on the case 24/7.

Compliance Nightmare?

Many of our clients in the legal and financial industries face onerous compliance requirements. STS specializes in robust compliance systems that make audits, reporting and compliance a breeze.

Need Specialized Expertise?

STS has extensive experience in the legal and business services industries. We understand the specialized software and requirements these
businesses need.

Outgrown Your Current Provider?

It's common that companies reach out to us because they've simply outgrown their existing team or provider. STS is often the next step making the transition simple.

Need Help Right Now?

Call the STS Strike Team if your network is down or you have an immediate need. We'll jump on the problem and solve it Right Now. Because that's what we do.

The STS Difference

Our team represents a change in thinking about how I.T. works for our clients - not the other way around. Most I.T. Service Providers think they sell technology or help desk support. Strategic Technology Solutions puts the focus on solving business problems using technology.

That's a significant difference in approach.

We understand that technology is a means to an end. For our clients, that end is a profitable, more efficient business. It's easier to change your I.T. Provider than you think. Contact us to get started.

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