Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Professional Services Firms

Our clients know their information is safe and fully recoverable at any time.

STS has developed a unique Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution suite for our clients. Designed to facilitate:


  • Operational continuity;
  • Industry specific regulatory compliance;
  • Enhanced system availability;
  • Integrated IT risk management;
  • Comprehensive best practice backup management
  • And more.


Our platform delivers both proactive and event-driven solutions to minimize recovery time.


Planning: We provide an analysis of all potential threats that could interrupt your operation.  To effectively determine disaster recovery priorities we put each major information system through a business impact analysis. We take into account all the technologies, systems and applications currently in use and much more.


Provisioning: We specify, procure, and configure the require. The STS team simulates various backup and recovery scenarios and documents all work so we can move fast in the event of a physical disaster.


Data Recovery: Should the worst-case-scenario happen; we are there to quickly recover your data. Strategic Technology Partner's team of backup and recovery experts have years of experience in data recovery, backup systems and practices.

The STS Process

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