Cloud Services for Professional Services Firms

Having access to information and apps from anywhere at anytime is a significant benefit of using cloud services.

STS makes the cloud easy.

STS offers full-service cloud implementation and management. Less software and hardware to install, maintain, and updates saves you money.


Cloud Readiness Assessment: Is your business a good fit for cloud services? STS can help you determine which of the functional areas of your business to migrate to the cloud and what to leave on-premise.

We offer unbiased support to inform you on the pros and cons of different cloud service solutions including important considerations such as risk exposure and compliance and regulatory issues specific to your industry.


Cloud Implementation: After collaborating with your team to identify the best solution for your specific circumstances, we recommend various cloud packages that fit your needs from the industry’s top cloud service providers.

Our team develops and implements a carefully choreographed migration plan, working with you all the way, while moving key functions and assets to the cloud. This ensures a smooth transition.


Cloud Service Management: Unlike other cloud service provider, STS ensures your applications provide the functionality you expect, are aligned with your business priorities and your end-user requirements.

The STS Process

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