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The Advantage of STSCloud Services

Today more than ever, having access to your firm’s network and apps from anywhere at any time is of significant value to your business. STSCloud offers a controlled solution tailored and customized to your business’s needs with end to end control—STS manages the entire solution.

STSCloud allows you to access dedicated servers for your business without the headache of having to purchase and manage your own equipment avoiding massive upfront and ongoing expenses tied to equipment, maintenance, and operations while still retaining a high level of security and control over your data.

By increasing company access and connectivity through STSCloud, you can increase your team members’ productivity and collaboration regardless of their physical location, help your firm drastically increase operational efficiency, accelerate business innovation and optimize your IT investments while mitigating risks and reducing your total cost of technology ownership.

Custom Cloud Solutions

STS is the experienced partner you can rely on to help you navigate the cloud and make the right decisions for your business. As experts in cloud offerings—both private and public— we can build a customized solution that protects your data while improving efficiency, increasing security, and decreasing overhead to help you meet client demands, streamline your functionality, and grow your business.