Three ways to pay too much for your Office 365 licenses.

One: Thinking everyone has to be a Premium user

Time and time again our managed services team encounters businesses that have purchased Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions for every single user in their organization – from CEO down to customer service representative and everyone in between – even though most don’t need or use more than half of what the Business Premium subscription offers. Keep in mind there are seven different Office 365 subscriptions to choose from, each offering slightly different capabilities and pricing – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Two: Paying for legacy mailboxes

When an employee leaves a company, employers often decide to keep said employee’s mailbox. They might choose to do this for a variety of reasons, some compulsory, others for peace-of-mind/consistency: an employee might have left the business mid-project and information critical to that project’s success might be found in their inbox or, perhaps, they need an employee’s mailbox as evidence of a contract or agreement, or as proof as to why they had to dismiss them. Whatever the reason, paying for a legacy mailbox is a commonly found issue that can be easily avoided. How? Shared Mailboxes.

A shared mailbox allows a group of users to view, send and receive emails from one common email address ([email protected], or [email protected]) and with Office 365 they’re free and require no licensing. If you want to stop paying for legacy mailboxes, an easy way to do this is to convert inactive users’ mailboxes into shared mailboxes.

Three: Not getting your license through a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 provider

Microsoft Partners that sell Office 365 subscriptions to their customers usually do so once they’ve bought that license from a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner such as Advantage. What this means for customers is that they usually end up paying up to 10 percent more for their Office 365 license in order to cover the added margin built into the price by the partner they’re getting the license from. Working with a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider eliminates this markup and save considerable amounts of money.

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