STS It Takes The Right Team

Consider I.T. Solved.

Strategic Technology Solutions is a team of experienced I.T. professionals in Los Angeles, California.

Our team understands the professional services world because that’s our world too. We know how to deliver the value our clients demand.

Our Promise:

  • We will get back to you right away when you have a question or request.
  • We follow through on requests and projects.
  • We clearly explain the pros and cons of various solutions, making sure we understand the nature of the problem before we start working on technology.
  • We will maintain thorough, up-to-date documentation.

Aligning solutions with business objectives.

Our ability to design, deliver, and maintain a robust I.T. environment that’s fully aligned with your unique business needs and challenges is at the core of what we do and who we are as a company.

We understand that your business can't operate if your I.T. system isn't operating.

Having the wrong team can be disastrous for your operations. Let's find out if STS is the right team. Contact Us By Clicking Here

James Waryck

James Waryck has always focused his studies and career in IT. James started his career working at IT departments ranging from small firms to Fortune 500 companies.

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Sam Sheth

Sam Sheth started his career in IT
at a very young age, studying, researching and engineering his own computers
and networks.

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