Sam Sheth


Sam Sheth started his career in IT at a very young age, studying, researching and engineering his own computers and networks. Focusing on the details of complex IT systems, Sam became a meticulous technologist. His wide range of experiences includes assisting with the development of his high school’s computer department, working at various support desks, managing different IT consulting firms and now co-founding STS. His extensive IT background has allowed him to navigate in virtually any environment with confidence and precision.

At STS, Sam brings over a decade of successful IT implementations and carries numerous certifications from the industry’s leading vendors. Sam’s vision of always developing a strategic path to achieve cost-effective and efficient solutions to each customer’s IT needs, makes STS a unique IT service provider. He ensures that STS remains a customer-centric organization that focuses on providing direction and guidance to customers at every step of the IT lifecycle.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, he enjoys adventure travels. After visiting more than 20 countries over 5 continents, Sam is always appreciative of the different cultures and places that the world has to offer.